South Skate would like to welcome you and give a brief summary of what we are about. We are a family owned and operated skating center. We opened our doors in 1991 and are still skating today. Our goals are to provide a safe, clean, fun and wholesome place for families, young children, and teens to meet, socialize, and skate.

Our staff receives training in work place ethics, customer service, and teaching basic skating skills to anyone who needs help!

Did you know?

Roller Skating is unique way to achieve health benefits while having fun. The average person can burn 350 calories by skating at a rate 6 mph. This number increases to 600 calories if that same person averages 10 mph. Roller Skating centers have partnered with The President’s Challenge Program and Let’s Move with the mission of keeping kids active and healthy in a safe environment. Roller Skating is also recommended by the American Heart Association as an aerobic fitness sport.

What to Expect

The Snack Bar is a great place to take a break. We offer a wide selection of snacks, candy, food, and beverages. We also make our own fresh hot pizza.
Birthday Parties are our specialty! They are easy, affordable, and FUN!
The Pro Shop provides a great selection of quality Inline and Quad skates, as well as wheels, bearings and lots of other skating accessories.
We also give back to the community through our Healthy Lifestyle Fundraiser Program, which helps local schools raise extra funds and provides a healthy activity for participants.

South Skate aims to provide you with a great Roller Skating Experience!

WARNING: We carry no insurance for personal injury. You skate entirely at your own risk!